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Just a few FIFTY year old colour slides from my past. (well passed!)


This is what an aircraft carrier looks like on the downwind leg before landing on. Notice the plane guard chopper in the foreground - there to pick up any bits if we missed!

A slightly younger me.

Notice THREE Sea Venoms, FAW21.

Tilt them down in the morning and the water runs out!

The flight deck is fifty feet above the water.

 Launching. 0 to 130 knots (245 kph) in the length of this track. A startling experience!


 Landing on. The landing area is about the size of a tennis court. Land, stop, roll back, up hook, unlock wings, fold wings, get over the yellow line within 20 seconds.


Loose Box Formation from number 4.


 Relaxing after flying, and well deserved too.


Starting up before an exercise. SkyRaiders, Sea Hawks and Sea Venoms.


 Tucked away in the hangar.